Mash Up Lamp

3D printed PLA plastic
L 40 W 40 H 70 cm
7+2 a.p.

I steel Copy Compose And Print A 3D printed collection that raises questions on the copyrightissues that are emerging along sidethe fast growing 3D printing industry. What impact will thisnew production method really have on us as a consumer, designer, or producer? By usingcutting edge 3D printing techniques to copy and mash-up, compose parts of established icons Ihave creatednew design pieces. I try to show that your 3D printer is your future 3D copyingmachine. At the same time it’s a tribute to a few of my favorite designers. Is it Michael Graves? Is it Richard Hutten? Is it Peugeot ? Is it a Bialetti? No it’s a Schne…..