Smurf Dynasty Ming Vase

old Peyo/Schleich Smurfs from personal collections
D 45 H 88 cm
7+2 a.p.

A Ming vase made from blue and white partly old hand painted Smurfs stemming from personal collections. ‘Cherished’ is Diederik Schneemann’s latest project revolving around the concept of collecting. In search of new interesting materials to work with, Schneemann stumbled upon some old, discarded and unique collections cherished by people in the course of many years, often decades. Such hidden collections, like matchboxes, pins, postcards, smurfs or perfume bottles represent a different kind of value than expensive materials such as marble or bronze. Think love, effort, dedication, the evocation of an era, bringing up sentiments and early memories. These collections used as a raw material turned out to be a much more inspiring for him to work with. Schneemann looks for a unique quality in collected items and showcases them in anumber of entirely new design pieces, thus rendering a new reality, a new meaning.