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I steel Copy Compose And Print A 3D printed collection that raises questions on the copyright issues that are emerging along side the fast growing 3D printing industry. What impact will this new production method really have on us as a consumer, designer, or producer? By using cutting edge 3D printing techniques to copy and mash-up, compose parts of established icons I have created new design pieces. I try to show that your 3D printer is your future 3D copying machine. At the same time it’s a tribute to a few of my favorite designers. Is it Rietveld? Is it Arne Jacobsen? Is it Eames? Is it Ross Lovegrove? No it’s a Schne…..

2018 schneemann lamp_4

3D printed mash-up

table lamp

composed of 4 famous icons :

kettle for Alessi by Michael Graves. 

Dumbo mug by Richard Hutten.

Peppermill by Peugeot.

Mokka koffie percolator by Alphonso Bialetti.

Material : 3D printed PLA recycled plastic.

size : L 40 W 40 H 70 cm


3D printed

mash-up chair

composed of 5 iconic


Gerrit Rietveld Chair, 

By Gerrit Rietveld

Grand prix

by Arne Jacobsen

plywood chair

by Charles

and Ray Eames

Pretzel arm chair

by Norman Cherner

Orbit chair

by Ross Lovegrove

material :

3D printed ABS plastic

size: l 75 w 75 h 80

1+1 ap.

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