flip flop objects

The Flip Flops are telling the story. They are discoloured, worn, torn, patched up and eventually tossed away or lost. After a long trip through Asia or Africa they end up in sewers and in the ocean. Then they are washed up on the shores of Africa. There they are found, collected, and eventually reclaimed. Studio Schneemann turned these into a collection of sustainable design objects in which the eventful travel tales of worn Flip Flops is captured and translated.

flip flop mirror

material:Discarded flip flops (africa)

size: L64 W488 H160 cm

limited edition of  7+2 ap

Flip flop vase large

flip flop vase

material:Discarded flip flops(Africa)

size: L40 W55 H73 cm

limited edition of 7 + 2 ap

flip flop pendant lamp

material:Discarded flip flops(africa)

size:DIA65 H85 cm

limited edition

of 7 + 1 ap

flip flop tulip


material:Discarded flip flops(africa)

size:L21 W28



flip flop table display

flip flop table display

material:Discarded flip flops(Africa)

size:DIA 40 H25 cm


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