‘Cherished’ is Diederik Schneemann’s latest project revolving around the concept of collecting. In search of new interesting materials to work with, Schneemann stumbled upon some old, discarded and unique collections cherished by people in the course of many years, often decades. Such hidden collections, like matchboxes, pins, postcards, smurfs or perfume bottles represent a different kind of value than expensive materials such as marble or bronze. Think love, effort, dedication, the evocation of an era, bringing up sentiments and early memories. These collections used as a raw material turned out to be a much more inspiring for him to work with. Schneemann looks for a unique quality in collected items and showcases them in a number of entirely new design pieces, thus rendering a new reality, a new meaning.

Matchbox King cupboard

material: over 10.000 matchboxes from all over the world 

size:L 160 D55 H 240 cm

limited edition:4+1A.P. 

2019.11.01 kleine smurfenvaas

 2nd Smurf dynasty Ming vase

material: Schleich/Peyo smurfs 

size: W44 H 76 cm

limited edition of7+2 a.p.

Roomdivider 3D postcards

room divider Soft Focus


material: over 500 old 3D/depth postcards from around the world

size: L51 W3 H174 cm

limited edition of  7+ 1 A.P.

matchbox king clock detail
matchbox King clock handle

matchbox clock(NEW)

material:a collection of thousands of matchboxes matchboxes with handcasted bronze

plate and handle.

size: l60 D44 h195 cm

limited edition of  7+ 1 a.p.


lucifer klok klein wit

matchbox clock

material:a collection of antique vintage matchboxes.24 karat gold plated plate.

size: L35 W18 H75 cm

limited edition of 3+1 a.p.

pewter table

material:a collection of pewter/tin collectable objects .

size: dia120 H92 cm

limited edition of 3+1 a.p.

essence chndelier zoom wit


material:a collection of over 650 perfume bottles

size: L130 W115 H- cm

edition: 3+1 A.P.



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